Your Answers Lie Within

Let's ask a few very important questions. Who is in the Driver's Seat of your life bus? Your Self-the truest expression of the unique You? Is your navigation system- your Intuition- functioning as a proper GPS? Are you using the right fuel- Courage- to power your vehicle? Let’s not forget the Baggage you’ve stored away in the cargo bin. Whose baggage are you carrying that you need to unpack?
We are all born with an innate navigation system, to help us in our life journey. Some call it our “gut instinct,” “intuition,” “internal compass,” or “inner knowing.” However, in the natural process of socialization through family, culture, and society, our navigation system malfunctions. We learn to interact in the world around us with highly attuned satellite dishes tuned to the external versus internal world. These satellite dishes guide us in our decision making and choices.
From a brain perspective, we have the ‘rational/logical’ left brain and the more ‘intuitive/creative’ right brain. In Western culture the bias is toward leading with our rational or logical brain often at the expense of the intuitive brain. The truth of the matter is we have two hemispheres for a reason, and they are meant to work together! When these hemispheres work together, we unlock out highest power and potential. 
The good news is that we can develop both sides of the brain by learning to become quiet. By going within, we receive the inner wisdom that our Intuitive navigation system offers. We then learn how to use Courage to fuel our life. When we do this, the quality of our life changes dramatically. As we learn to access, listen, and make choices from inner guidance, our true gifts emerge and the soul blossoms providing us with life opportunities we never imagined.

Hello, I’m Martina Barnes. I have over thirty years of experience as a clinical practitioner in human behavior. As a coach, therapist and mindfulness teacher my approach is holistic and grounded in neuroscience- with a healthy dose of humor for good measure!

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