If you’re anything like the big-hearted, badass women I work with, you’re a super high achiever. In almost every area of your life, you’re ROCKING it. You’re showing up, getting results, and making things happen… reliably, consistently, and with gusto.


But there are one or two “zones” of your life where things just aren’t coming together. In fact, you may have moments--or entire relationships—that make you feel like you’ve been hijacked. Like the powerful, confident part of you has been tossed out of the driver’s seat, and you barely recognize the fearful, fragile, or vulnerable woman who’s sitting there in her place. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You can command an entire team at work, but when your highly-critical mother-in-law calls, you shrink.

  • You feel powerful, in-control, and necessary in the boardroom, but you struggle to imagine being sought-after in the bedroom.

  • You lead and contribute all day long, but there’s that one supervisor or co-worker who sets you off, and you spiral into anger, unworthiness, or resentment.

  • You nail the head and heart stuff consistently, but struggle with your physical being—you reject your body, loathe what you see in the mirror, or sabotage and punish yourself.

  • You draw lines and hold your ground everywhere in your life except your romantic relationship, where you find yourself giving in, settling for less than you’re worth, or saying yes when you want to say no.

Imagine what it would feel like to access your power, your confidence, your intuition, and your JOY in every aspect of life. Imagine walking with your chin up, chest out, and heart open…everywhere you go.


Transform your life through
Clarity, Confidence & Courage


I’m Martina Barnes. I am master intuitive, a coach and an experienced licensed therapist. 


And I help high-achievers rock their whole worlds.











A Note on Power:

Even though we may be raised to believe that power is unattractive, I live and operate from a place that women are the most powerful beings on this Earth. But we need to redefine the word ‘power’. Genuine power isn’t about dominating or overpowering. You can display power in a way that feels 100% comfortable to you. A truly empowered woman is someone who knows who she is, knows what she wants and expresses that in the world without apology. If you know that power is what you need but feel uncomfortable expressing it, you’ve come to the right place. You were born to be powerful. It’s the world telling you not to be. 

c2020 Martina Barnes