About Martina

Ever since I was a child I found joy in helping others. I was born sensitive, empathic, highly intuitive, and highly analytical; not easy qualities to possess in childhood, especially if there is no one to guide you. I saw, perceived, and felt experiences that others did not. It was confusing and isolating. I felt like a freak of nature, truly. Over the years, I’ve grown into these attributes. I like to say that I went from an anxious worrier to an enthusiastic warrior!


A college degree in economics led me to a career in corporate sales. And while I was good at my job, it lacked the meaning and life purpose I craved. Serendipitously, I was led to pursue spiritual studies, which afforded me the ability to understand how to apply my gifts so that I could thrive in the world. I spent a decade studying the mystery teachings and becoming a Master Intuitive, before obtaining a master’s degree in psychology and advanced certifications in cutting edge technologies and applied neuroscience.


During my career as a trauma recovery psychotherapist I took care to hide my abilities. I was concerned I might lose my credibility, or worse, my license. My reputation might be tarnished, I might lose respect from my colleagues.


Through another series of profound events, I was led to studying coaching. After my father died, I went through another reckoning and struggled to find meaning and purpose in my life.


I then met a remarkable coach and mentor who encouraged me to reclaim the gifts I had hidden away. In the process, I have created coaching and training methods that incorporate all the skills and professions I have enjoyed throughout my life. It is my passion to help others return to their natural gifts and claim reliable personal power in every area of their lives.

I experience great joy in being a life-long learner. My expertise as a coach is informed by decades of experience as an intuitive mentor and psychotherapist using cutting edge neuroscience modalities


  • Honors BS, Economics

  • Honors MS, Counseling Psychology

  • Master Intuitive & Teacher 

  • Post-Graduate Extensive Training in applied Neuroscience

  • Post-Graduate Certifications in Mindfulness Meditation

  • Board Certified Coach graduate through the Institute for Life Coach Training