Say Yes When You Want to Say Yes--And No When You Want to Say No...

So You Can Get Everything

You Want Out of Life

No matter how many self-improvement books you read, self-empowerment seminars you attend, 

or major accomplishments you achieve, there are certain people, situations, interactions, or relationships that will knock the wind right out of you… until you do the very specific work required for change.

Through decades of counseling exceptional professionals and leaders, I’ve come to realize that even if you’re a powerful, proficient, successful badass, you may…

  • Struggle with setting boundaries for fear of being disliked.

  • Feel guilty when you consider your own needs.

  • Wonder why you’re tied to habits or strategies that keep you stuck in perpetuating cycles that deliver the same unsatisfying results. 


But I’ve also come to learn something that’s even more powerfully true:


The well-resourced individual can engage with life on their own terms.

And anyone can become well-resourced.

I’ve heard it argued that we can’t have it all; that we can’t expect ourselves to excel in every aspect of life. And I would counter that there’s absolute joy in growing beyond our current limits—and that we can experience a higher quality of living in every area to which we’re called.


So what’s the reason you don’t slay all day in every way right now?


It’s simple: There are aspects

of you that are using outdated strategies to get the job done. There are parts of you still acting from past events, traumas, lessons, or experiences. And those parts of you haven’t caught up to how incredible you are in this moment.


Once you change your relationship to those old strategies, your inherent gifts and talents will emerge—naturally and authentically—even in the areas of life where you feel struggle. Then, your best and true self can’t help but show up to lead!

Through my Reliable Path to Personal Power program I’ll work one-on-one with you to develop a toolbox of new strategies, driven from three core advantages:

Clarity: The path begins with awareness. Once you see the blocks that disempower you, you're on your way to change. 

Confidence: Uncover sources of strength you already possess and learn new tools.

Courage: Learn to take the bold steps to claim your power in every area.

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Coaching is About the Future,

Psychotherapy is About Healing the Past. Looking for psychotherapy instead?

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Changing your boundaries changes your life.

I know this because I have lived it personally and have helped tcountless women discover their Reliable Personal Power by creating effective boundaries that stick. I have witnessed and celebrated their amazing changes in health, energy levels, wealth, and relationships.

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